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FICLET: Then Tell Me You Love Me

October 25th, 2006 (10:32 pm)

feeling: accomplished

Title: Then Tell Me You Love Me
Author: Chervil
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Kaiba Seto / Jounouchi Katsuya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Seto takes Katsuya on a motorcycle ride.
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is copyright 1996 Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. No infringement or disrespect is intended.
Written for: 30_nights theme #22 - love you till the very end

Jou let out a whoop of joy as the motorcycle served around the corner, narrowly missing several pedestrians. He flipped his shoulder length blonde hair away from his flushed face and extended a hand in apology to the people who were now shaking their heads in bemusement.

“Enjoying yourself, pup?” Seto asked from the front seat, a wolfish grin alighting on his lips at the sight of his puppy, all flushed and giddy with joy.

Jou tightened his grip on his boyfriend of five months and nodded. He pressed a kiss to the nape of Seto’s neck, a gesture strangely gentle, considering what they were doing at the moment.

“Faster, Seto!” He yelled over the roar of the motorcycle, squeezing Seto’s stomach briefly. “Just remember not to crash into anybody!”

“Your wish is my command,” Seto purred in a throaty tone, the tone that usually sent shivers down Jou’s spine and blood rushing to his groin. A flick of his wrist and they sped up, passing the concrete sidewalks of Domino City in favor of a less populated field off to the side.

Another whoop escaped his throat, louder than the last, and he practically jumped with joy as Seto swerved sharply right before they hit the fence around the field’s perimeter. Faster and fast they went, Seto controlling the motorcycle with an expert hand.

“Seto,” Jou murmured after about half an hour of riding with no end in sight; merely languid swerves and sharp jerks of Seto’s hand. “Can we go back now? I want to eat dinner and maybe go home for a little…something…more…”

The smirk that settled on Seto’s lips was purely predatory and sent another bout of shivers down Jou’s spine. He reached back – the other hand still steadfast on the handle – and rubbed a slow, lazy line down the inside of Jou’s thigh.

“Only if you indulge me for a little bit,” he replied, voice strangely breathy. “Give me a hug.”

Jou debated on arching an eyebrow and telling the genius in front of him that they weren’t exactly in the right position for hugs. In the end, he merely gave a mental shrug and reached forward, clasping both hands around Seto’s chest and plant a little kiss on the nape of his neck for good measure.

“Happy now?”

Seto graced him with a slow smile. “Do you still want me to take you back?"

“Of course.”

“Then tell me you love me.”

Jou let out a little chuckle of amusement, inwardly pleased that Seto would ask such a thing. He’d never bothered to hide his feelings before – he’d told Seto that he loved him, many times over without him having to ask. Maybe Seto just needed a little reassurance…or maybe the egotistical brunette needed someone to toot his horn.

“I love you, Seto. I’ll continue to love you, forever and ever, no matter what happens.”

Seto smiled a strange, quirky smile, and responded with, “Can you do me one last favor, then? Take off this helmet and put it on yourself. It’s bothering me and itches horribly.”

Jou rolled his eyes, but did what he was told nonetheless, making sure to secure the clasp. “I’ve done what you told, you conniving bastard. Now take me home before I decide that you’re enjoying this way too much and withhold sex.”

Seto laughed. “As you wish."

Excerpt from the Domino Dispatch:

Seto Kaiba, 19, CEO of the multibillion dollar gaming corporation died late last evening in a car crash due to brake failure. Experts believe that the brakes were intentionally damaged, but no suspects have been found. Kaiba is survived by boyfriend of five months, Katsuya Jounouchi, 18, who narrowly missed death by protection of his helmet. Jounouchi was rushed to the hospital after the accident and left earlier this morning a little worse for the wear, but nothing was life threatening.

Kaiba left Kaiba Corporations and the rest of his assets to his younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba, and boyfriend Katsuya Jounouchi…”